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关于电热毯产品由生产许可证管理转换为强制性产品认证管理的通知 2017-12-19
关于灯具类产品强制性认证执行新版标准GB 7000.1-2015有关要求的通知 2017-02-28
玩具及部分童车新标准3C证书转换实施方案 2015-12-07
关于强制性产品认证执行新版标准GB17625.1-2012有关要求的通知 2013-07-02
About electronic products and parts CQC … 2012-04-18
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最新CCC强制性产品认证目录 2020-05-07
EN55032取代EN55022用于多媒体设备CE认证 2016-07-11
欧盟低电压指令更新 2014/35/EU 2016-02-24
New EMC Directive 2014/30/EU 2016-02-24
New Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU 2016-02-24
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Since July 1, 2005, the people wishing to enter the Taiwan market, 47 kinds of information technology products (Information ......
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        Thank you for your excellent power company's attention and support, excellent power company was founded in 2001, is a specialized in electronic product testing, certification and technical advisory services to third-party certification body, operates mainly in: CE certificate, TUV-GS certified TUV-mark certification, KEMA-GS Certificate, KEMA-KEUR certification, UL certification, FCC certification, FDA certification, VDE certification, PSE certification, C-TICK Certified, SAA certification, CCC certification, CQC certification, UN38.3 certification, CB Certification, E / e-mark certification, EK-mark certification.
        We have a special electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety (SAFETY) laboratories, and has a number corresponding to the expertise of engineers and product engineers countermeasures. Laboratory since they commenced operation, all processes are in accordance with ISO17025 laboratory guidelines and EN45001 system requirements, and strictly enforce the relevant quality control policies ...
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Quality of social production and life of an eternal topic, but also concerned about the global economic growth this century one of the themes. With the......
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