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TS16949 System Certification

As the automotive supplier adopted the QS-9000 quality system certification or VDA6.1, its certificate, and can not be world-wide recognition and recognition of all countries (up to now, the U.S. Big Three auto plants and in Germany, France, Italy, The OEMs far as "internal audit" (QS-9000 element 4.17), and "sub-contractor's development" (QS-9000 elements of 4.6 in to reach mutual recognition), and QS-9000 and VDA6.1 are not The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) promulgated issued.
In order to reduce automotive suppliers unnecessary waste of resources and the car's global procurement strategy conducive to the implementation of International Automotive Task Force (IATF), as well as ISO/TC176, Quality Management and Quality Assurance Committee and its Sub-Committee representatives to ISO9001: 1994 version quality system based on the combination of QS-9000, VDA6.1, EAQF (France) 94 and AVSQ (Italy) 95 and other quality system requirements developed ISO / TS 16949 technical specifications, and in have been on January 1, 1999 issued for the promulgation.
ISO / TS 16949 technical specification has passed the ISO Technical Committee 2 / 3 vote of members every three years, ISO Technical Committee to conduct a review of its order to determine whether it can be converted to international standards.
ISO/TS16949 technical specifications in line with the global automotive industry, currently used in automotive quality system requirements, and avoid multiple certification audits, ISO/TS16949 technical specification for the automotive industry the issue of the provisional application, in order to collect in the use of information and experiences.
ISO/TS16949 technical specification, with a text box for the ISO copyright, is taken from the ISO9001: 1994 clause 4 and Appendix A of the original, industry-specific additional requirements outside the box.
In order to obtain International Automotive Task Force (IATF) members of the customer technical specification ISO/TS16949 certification recognized, ISO Technical Committee has developed a unified global certification program (ISO/TS16949 Automotive Certification Scheme and achieving IATF recognition criteria) and request must be requested by the Executive. If it has to be added to the ISO/TS16949 technical specifications of the customer specific requirements, it must be included in the audit to obtain customer's technical specifications of the ISO/TS16949 certification recognition.

ISO / TS 16949 The goal of
1. In the supply chain continuous improvement
★ Quality Improvement
★ Productivity Improvement
★ cost reduction
2. Emphasized that the prevention of defects
★ SPC Application
★ error proofing measures
3. To reduce variation and waste
★ ensure that the inventory turnover and the minimum inventory
★ Quality Cost
★ Non-quality extra cost (to be line of time, too much handling ... etc)

ISO / TS 16949 Applicability

ISO / TS 16949 provides automotive supplier quality system requirements for automotive-related product design / development, production, installation and service.
ISO / TS 16949 applies to the following items of production and service parts supply-side and the sub-contractor "live":
a) components or materials, or
b) heat treatment parts, painting, plating, or other end-processing services, or
c) Other provisions of customer products.
ISO / TS 16949 also applies to the entire automotive supply chain.

ISO / TS 16949 for automotive supply-side benefits of

1. Integrated automotive supplier quality requirements.
2. With a common set of quality system, to avoid multiple certification audits.
3. Supplier Quality System to reduce the number of assessments

TS16949 Frequently Asked Questions

Many auto parts suppliers will be very much hope, or will be asked to be their existing QS-9000, VDA 6, or other similar standards for quality management system to be upgraded to internationally accepted a new standard-TS 16949. TS 16949 is the "Automotive Industry Action Group" (AIAG) relative "International Organization for Standardization" (ISO) announced, at present is only a technical specifications, not standards. Nevertheless, more and more car OEM manufacturers have started to accept TS 16949, to replace the other quality system certification standards.
TS 16949 has the advantage of exemption from international customers can ask you for registration standards or requirements of other troubles. At present, TS 16949 was just a choice of quality management system standards, but it is being updated into the ISO 9001:2000 edition format and requirements. While the upgrade version of QS-9000 has not yet officially announced, but the general guess is that there will be no upgrade version. The unit has announced that the current ISO 9001 / 2:1994 edition will be December 15, 2003 onwards, was repealed. It is worth noting is that it is today QS-9000: 1998 edition of an integral part of it.

How to achieve ISO/TS16949 certification

Want to know the requirements of TS16949 standard and its auditing procedures, there are three papers are important. They are

* ISO / TS 16949 standards (ie standards or requirements) - will be ISO 9001: 2000 edition published in the form, all the serial numbers of the paragraphs will also be changed.
* ISO / TS 16949 Audit Checklist - Quality System Assessment
* ISO / TS 16949 automotive certification program - the second edition of the draft on December 5, 2001 announcement

TS 16949 Frequently Asked Questions

1. QS 9000 and ISO / TS 16949 What is the difference between?
QS 9000 defines a Chrysler (Chrysler), Ford (Ford), GM (General Motors) and others using the system to the automotive industry-based enterprise quality system requirements.
ISO / TS 16949 are also subject to the global automotive industry, the adoption of many famous enterprises, between the two there is no very significant difference.

2. QS 9000 certificate can be converted into ISO / TS 16949 certificates?
Not. Certification bodies and their certification process is not the same.

3. Automotive standards with certified the compatibility between the independent?
Not. QS-9000 and ISO / TS 16949 are based on ISO 9001 / 2: 1994 or ISO 9001: 2000-based. To meet the requirements of ISO 900X automotive certification prerequisite. In certain circumstances, a certification process to obtain two certificates.

4.QS-9000 manual documents for ISO / TS 16949 do?
The same applies to

5. ISO / TS in the TS mean that?
ISO / TS 16949 is not an international standard, but a technical specification (Technical Specification). This makes the file and change the approval process easier.

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