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ISO14000 Environmental Certification
1, ISO14000 Environmental Standard
ISO14000 Environmental Management series of standards is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a series of serial numbers used to standardize all kinds of 14000 environmental management standards of the organization. International Organization for Standardization was established in 1974, is the world's largest international standardization bodies, but also the largest international science and technology organization, has released a large number of industrial and product standards, but also the quality of management standards such as ISO9000 series.
International Organization for Standardization for the development of ISO14000 environmental management standards in June 1993 established the first Technical Committee 207 (TC207). It is the international environmental protection trend, in the 92 years after the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was established, consisting of a 6 Year Committee and a working group, which relates to environmental management system (EMS), Environmental Management System Audit (EA) , Environmental Labeling (EL), life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental performance evaluation (EPE) and other international research in the field of environmental management and practice of the focus issue is a new development area of environmental protection over the past decade, new ideas, is the national color take the environmental economic and trade policy instruments of the summary of the content is very rich. TC207's work is fruitful, with three years to complete environmental management system and environmental audit standard-setting work, other standards due to the internal differences larger, as the formal introduction of international standards, take some time. China in October 1995 established the National Environmental Management Standardization Committee, quickly five criteria were the same conversion, and therefore environmental management systems and environmental audits, today it represents a sense of the main content of ISO14000.
These five criteria are:
GB/T24001-ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems - Specification and User Guide
GB/T24004-ISO14004 environmental management system - principles, systems and supporting technology General Guidelines
GB/T24010-ISO14010 Guidelines for Environmental Auditing - General Principles
GB/T24011-ISO14011 Environmental Management Audit - Audit Procedures - Environmental Management System Audit
GB/T24012-ISO14012 Environmental Management Auditing - Auditor qualification requirements for environmental management
(Note: ISO14000 life-cycle assessment - principles and framework have been 97 officially released June 15)
2, ISO14001 standards of the main content
ISO14001 for all types of organizations with a standardized environmental management model, that environmental management system (EMS). Standards for environmental management system is defined as: "Environmental management system is an integral part of a comprehensive management system, including the development, implementation, implementation, review and maintenance of environmental policy needed to organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, operational practices, procedures, processes, and resources. " In fact, the environmental management system is implemented within the enterprise management of environmental affairs department, personnel, management systems, operating procedures and the corresponding hardware measures. General, enterprises have carried out the management of environmental matters, but may not be sufficiently comprehensive non-system, can not be called environmental management system. On the other hand, this management approach is able to really Environmental Affairs effective? Whether it is suitable for social development needs? Meet the environmental requirements? On these issues vary widely among the various enterprises. Importance of environmental issues increasingly prominent, especially its position in international trade, more and more important, the International Organization for Standardization ISO9000 summed up the successful experience of the management standards were revised for the environment, has developed ISO14001 standard. Provided that the ISO14001 standard for environmental management system is the management theory, science, practice, viable, internationally recognized and effective.
ISO14001 Environmental Management System provided a total of 17 requirements, according to the similarities in terms of functionality, can be summarized in five aspects: environmental policy, planning (planning), implementation and operation, inspection and corrective action, management review, etc. . These five logical consistency, the steps on the complement each other to jointly ensure the effective establishment and implementation of the system, and continuous improvement, showing spiral trend.
First of all, the implementation of environmental management system must be top management's commitment, the formation of the guiding principles of environmental management and implementation of purpose, that is, environmental policy, to identify the focus of corporate environmental management, the formation of corporate environmental objectives and targets; Secondly, the implementation of enterprise environmental policy objectives, define the implementation methods, and rules to ensure that major environmental factors in a controlled state; again, in order to ensure the application of systems and effective establishment of monitoring, detection and correction mechanism; the final adoption of auditing and assessment, to promote the system to further improve the and improvement of improved management systems to complete a cycle of rising and continuous improvement.
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